The best time of year to play Pickleball is... ALWAYS

I just read this article entitled “Pickleball Truly a Sport for all Seasons”

But I would add a caveat…

“… as long as you have an indoor court to play on, OR you’re just crazy about Pickleball!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pickleball Kids - Hazel playing Pickleball in the snow
I took my daughter out on a date yesterday and on our way home I asked if she wanted to stop by the Pickleball courts. To my surprise, she responded with excitement: “Yeah dad! Le’ts do it!”

This is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear!

I like to dream that Pickleball runs in the blood and that all of our kids think about it as much as I do… and that they can’t wait until the next time they get to play.

But I think the reality, in this case, was that she didn’t want to go home because she knew that the second we got home, we would be putting her to bed!

I was wearing shorts and a thin button-up shirt. Fortunately, she had pants, boots, and a warm-ish jacket on! What a good sport though, right?!? It was 35º outside and she couldn’t have been happier. (except when a ball hit her hand as she tried to swing at it, and it stung like crazy!)

The real takeaway is YES! Pickleball really is a sport for all seasons… but for those who live in northern Utah, it’s a little more fun to play in the spring, summer, or fall, if you’re going to play outside. ツ

How cold does it have to be before YOU head indoors to get your Pickleball fix? Does it take the first snowfall before you wave goodbye to the beautiful outdoor courts? :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s why you need to move down to St George where it truly CAN be a sport for all seasons! We play year round. The coldest it got this year was 28, but highs were almost always close to 50. It’s possible to play in that weather for sure.


I’m planning a birthday weekend in April to come down to St. George for that exact reason. Right now I am looking out the window and it is snowing. Makes me sad. :weary:


It’s going to be 70 degrees this upcoming weekend! I’ve been waiting for it!!


I’m so jealous :heart_eyes: luckily The Shed opened up this year here so we’ve got alternatives to church gyms!

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Yeah I have seen that. Where is the Shed?


It is in the Ogden area. More specifically West Haven I believe.

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I’m going to one-up @Talyn and give you a link. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And Ty Pamiloza is always posting sweet lil video clips of himself, @Landon, and others playing at the Shed:

I haven’t made it all the way up to The Shed but it seems like a pretty great venue. The northern Utah folk are def jealous of Little Valley and all that southern goodness down there. We’ve had a few recent days that have been just right though.

I would say playing outside on a 45º-50º day, IN THE SUN, is probably my favorite temp to play in! I love those early morning summer days before the sun comes up. Nothin’ like that!

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