There seems to be more people angry about pickleball noise!

I’ve seen more stories in the media and on socials lately about people angry at the noise associated with pickleball. Not just the “pop” from the ball but the increase in players is creating more social chit chat and laughter (it is a happy sport!) along with higher demand for longer court times. It is said that people are also complaining about previous park areas being turned into pickleball courts to cope with the demand.
What do you think about this??
Patty :slight_smile:

People with too much time on their hands that are unhappy in their lives direct their ire towards anything new that others are enjoying & are smiling/laughing about “if I can’t be happy then nobody else can”. I remember when teens on skateboards were the focus of hate & were symbolic of societies downfall, now we have skateparks in every major park in the country. The tide of new pickelballers will drown out the grouches.