Utah Pickleballers!

My fellow Utah Pickleballists! What up?!

Would anyone be interested in planning a day for us all to meet up and play some of this great sport we all love?! As we all know courts fill up pretty fast around these parts, but we could also rent out some courts at The Shed to ensure we get some good playing time.

tag anyone else you can think of and feel free to invite others who aren’t on pickleballist :slight_smile:

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Let’s get it, boys! @Landon why don’t we get together a crew like that morning we spent at Wardle. Add some food and we can stay a little longer, even!!

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That sounds awesome✌🏼

Did I miss it? This would be awesome!

Nope not yet! Still figuring something out✌🏼 We’ll post updates on this thread

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