What is the best all around pickleball paddle on the market?

This question has been posted on so many social media platforms. I would like to see a discussion here so people can find it on google! Pickleball has so many paddles and I would love to know what your guys thoughts are.

I LOVE the Onix Premier paddle. It has such good touch and power. I played with Onix paddles exclusively and waited for a paddle that had both touch and power and the Premier had that for me. What other paddles out there have good touch and power?


I have personally only used two paddles, the #engage Elite Pro and #vulcan V550 Hybrid (made famous by the one and only @tylerloong) . I really like the elongated shape of the V550, it does take some getting used to, but if you can accurately strike the ball in the correct spot on the paddle it has both touch and feel! I’m looking forward to trying out the new #selkirk Vanguard paddle though!

I know @Jordan is really enjoying his #onix Premier as well!


I’m sponcered by Combat paddles out of Canada I would say they are very similar to the touch of my omni I used before switching. They are pretty inexpensive also $70 I’ll post a picture for anyone interested in trying it. I’d say cost for what you get is the draw to the paddle. I’ve had people say that really like the shape of the paddle also there is also an elongated paddle called the stick blade I’ll find a picture .


Congrats on the sponsorship! I have never heard of Combat, I’ll have to check them out soon!


I played with the onix evoke pro for a long time. I didn’t like how powerful it was because it was difficult having a soft game with it. When the premier came out I have no desire to try ANY other paddles.


Dang! I need to give it another try then it sounds like!

So this is a tricky question! It is kind of like asking what the best all around car on the market is. You will get a lot of different and passionate answers from everyone!

My Two Cents:

The best all around paddle will be different for each individual. So how do you know what the best one for you is? You have to figure out what you like. Here are some things to consider

1- Core of the paddle: Each manufacturer’s core will have a different feel and even different paddle lines in the manufacturer will have a different feel. Some provide more pop, some are softer, some sweet spots will feel bigger to you than others. You need to hit with them and see what feel appeals to you.
2- Weight: Power = Weight of the Paddle + Your Swing Speed
Heavier the paddle the less work you have to do and the lighter the paddle the harder you have to swing. Some people need a lighter paddle due to injury issues that don’t allow them to maneuver a heavier one. Some people like a heavier paddle bc the can generate more power! I like a mid range to heavier paddle 7.8-8.2 and this is why. I like my paddle to do a fair amount of the work for me. I don’t like to have to over swing. When I over swing my swing tempo gets rushed and doesn’t allow the space for all the little pieces of the mechanic of the swing to happen. I also have a shoulder injury so I don’t like to have to over swing in order to generate more power. In my opinion the lighter paddles do not effectively give you faster hands and the kitchen. If you are keeping your paddle and body in the proper position you will have fast hands. It isn’t about your paddle weight.
3- Paddle Surface: Graphite, Carbon Graphite, Fiberglass etc. In my opinion this comes down to preference. The higher end paddles most often have the graphite or carbon graphite surfaces that have a grittier feel to them.
4- Handle Size and Shape: Some handles are squared off and some have bevelled edges like a tennis or racquetball racquet. I prefer a bevelled edge handle bc I come from tennis. Again it is personal preference on size and shape of handle. Handles are also one of the parts of the paddle that can be easily customized with over grips and handle inserts (think orthotics for paddle handles)

The Short of It: Try lots of different paddles and find the “Feel” that is ideal for you! You may love a different paddle model or brand than I do- and that is just great!


I have been playing for a little over 3 months now and am currently waiting on my third paddle to come in the mail. For me the largest determining factor for choosing/switching paddles thus far is grip length. I am going to start using my two handed backhand. I feel like I have more control when I hit that shot and thus would like a paddle that I can comfortably place both hands on. I found a couple that are 6+ inches. This one I am waiting on should be a good fit. I am looking forward to play with it. :relieved:

@bryan now don’t leave us wondering what paddle it is that you are waiting for!

Paddletek Bantam Sabre Pro.

I played with the Onix Z5 for quite a while. I didn’t care for how amazing it was on the grounds that it was troublesome having a delicate game with it. At the point when the head came out I want to attempt ANY different oars.

I have to agree with these statements. I would also add it depends on the players style, I have played both tennis and ping pong (mostly tennis) so I gravitated towards the Engage Maverick or the MX style due to the longer handle. It provided me with the length I prefer with the Wilson Juice XL and Selkirk Maxima. However, the downside is when dinking or playing at the kitchen and the opponent comes at me with a body shot, the grip becomes my weakness and the ball tends to hit where the paddle meets the grip. That being said, If i know i’m going for more finesse than power, then I pull out a shorter grip and play with gearbox gx5. All I can say is try to do demos and play and see whats the best fit. For weight, they make weighted lead pickleball tape and you can just use edgeguard tape or electrical tape to make sure it stays. Gearbox offers a nice demo program and I would say the CX11 with the extended paddle would be my 3rd choice if I could afford it. Very good if you like spin and power.

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my weight is high and I want to reduce my weight. someone suggested my playing pickleball is the best to reduce weight fastly. Now I have a two questions

1- how many calories do I burn playing pickleball for an hour?
2- which one is the best pickleball paddle?

Selkirk pickleball paddle earns top marks for its fiberglass face that delivers plenty of spin as you shape your shots and a standard face that’s perfect for all-court play.