When Can We Get Back on the Courts?

It’s mid-April, 2020, and the world is a different place with COVID 19. Pickleball players around the world want to know WHEN CAN WE GET BACK ON THE COURTS? This, of course, is the million-dollar question. I have asked myself that several times and where ever you live the answer may be a bit different.

I reached out to a few leaders in the pickleball world that are making their living entirely within this sport. They have a pulse on the economics of pickleball. I asked:

  1. When will your activities - tournaments, camps, boot camps, leagues, and tours resume?

  2. What’s the Big Picture or Inspiration to Share with Players

Here is a sample of what they graciously shared:

Melissa McCurley

President, Pickleball Tournaments

#1 I am hopeful that we will be back for the USA Pickleball National Championships [Indian Wells Tennis Gardens, Indian Wells, CA]. Some states that are not as hard hit may be able to host events before then, but it’s so fluid that every 30 days requires another review of the situation. In the meantime, we encourage all to follow recommended guidelines to stay healthy and well.

#2 Stay in faith and though the impacts are unique to our own situations know there is purpose in what we are all going through. Don’t miss your purpose.

Fred Hartzman

Club Director at Indian Wells Tennis Gardens (Home to USA Pickleball National Championships)

#1 I think as much as we are all itching to get back on the court we must adhere to the safety precautions enforced in each County and State. Safety has to be the number one priority and we [have to feel] safe to proceed with a tournament. We relied on medical experts to help us with that decision. Hopefully, by September/ October more bans will be lifted and the infection rate is down and tournaments will not be limited to the number of participants.

#2 Big picture during this lockdown is how much we miss this game and I think how much we miss the friendships we’ve made because of this sport! I think we all will appreciate the time on the court more than ever once we can play again. We are hoping that we will be able to host Nationals starting Oct 31 and I think everyone will be excited to not only play in Nationals but get back to playing tournaments around the country and renewing friendships and making new ones.

Daniel and Jon Moore

Brothers and Co-Owners, Pickleball Trips

#2 What makes traveling so special are the adventures we share with each other and the relationships that are built along the way. If nothing else this crisis has been a reminder to cherish the moments we do have together, whether on the pickleball court, in another country, or sharing a meal together.

Russell Elefterion (Coach Russell)

Owner, Suncoast Pickleball Association

WHEN to resume activities is the BIG question. I’m trying to follow my current state guidelines here in North Carolina but I know when things resume, things will be changing.

Mike Hoxie

President, Pickleball Is Great Inc.

#1 We are optimistic that we will be returning to the courts when it is safe for all. As we all know, each area of the country will reopen differently, where we encourage local partnering to have tournaments and camps return. We will strongly encourage all participants and facilities to continue to use preventive measures.

#2 We want players to know that we are going to thrive, not just survive. Participation will improve as there will be more tournaments to choose from every weekend in the second half of the year.

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