Where should we put off-topic discussions? (not pickleball related)

Watercooler - Small Talk - Off Topic - Kitchen Sink

Many online communities will have a category for general topics unrelated to the core purpose of a community of practice or community of interest.

In the case of this pickleball community, most of our conversations will revolve around pickleball. That’s AWESOME!

But we also want to allow flexibility to discuss other, unrelated topics, in a way that allows community members to connect on a more personal level.

These “off-topic” community buckets will typically be called something like “The Watercooler” or “Small Talk” or “Off-Topic” etc.

As the community grows, we will have a need for this new category but in the meantime I wanted to start a discussion where community members can chime in and share their two cents on what this “Off Topic” category should be called.

I’m going to put a “voting” feature on this thread so the best answer can rasie to the top. Feel free to suggest new names or VOTE UP ^ and/or comment on the suggestions from others!

Here’s a tip… when adding your suggestions, use the following format (using a hashtag will make your suggestion a blue heading):

# Enter_Your_Suggestion
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Water Cooler

This is the classic old forum category that’s always denoted off-topic content. Like a water cooler at an office building, it’s a place where people sometimes congregate during the day, to grab a drink. And they enjoy some casual banter and non-work related conversation while taking a quick break.

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I like Water Cooler. Mainly because it reminds me of the Office and how important it is regarding what is going on in the office. :smiley:

Kitchen Sink

This phrase is often used to mean “All the things!” It’s a shortened version of the phrase “Everything but the kitchen sink” meaning “almost everything… whether needed or not.” (wikipedia) This could be a cool name for the Off-Topic discussions b/c it has a little double entendre going on :astonished:

Hydration Break

This is the technical term used to denote when you take a break from the game and get hydrated. Sometimes people might need to step away from all the pickleball talk and discuss their dog named Pickles :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I like off topic do vote on this comment thread?

Hey Amber! Are you saying that you want to propose that the category be called “Off-Topic”?

you should see a little carrot, like this ^ next to each suggestion. Is that visible to you? You can click that to vote up the suggestions you like best

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