10 days strong; Thanks for coming along!

We officially launched the Pickleballist community just 10 short days ago, and we sure have come a long way! In the last 7 days we’ve had 5,400 page views throughout the forums! And here’s one of my favorite stats from the past week… 273 :heart:s were given!!! (Yes… that’s in just SEVEN DAYS!) That’s a lot of love! :pray:

Let me start by showing some gratitude…

THANK YOU to those who introduced yourself over here: Pickleball Forum introductions… :wave: Start Here!
THANK YOU to those who took the time to welcome our newest members!
THANK YOU for those who have shared their pickleball story over here: #pickleball-stories

Next up… I’m just throwing out a little teaser here, but next week the #elevate forum is about to get really hot with a little COVID 19-Day Pickleball Fitness Challenge ツ

I just want to reiterate what’s already been said. This is YOUR pickleball community. Don’t hesitate to start a new discussion topic or ask a question.

These forums are a new experience to many of us. Please take the time to click around… explore new areas, and look around your new home. If you have any questions or need help with anything, please send a message to @jordan (click :arrow_left:︎ that name and a box should pop up with an option to “Message” me… IF… you are logged in)

Be sure to say hi and welcome our newest Pickleballists!

@melissajoycoon @nanajoveech @johnmontanacarp @tyronepamiloza @kimberlee1313 @spencerwhitehead17 @uvbpalfr @blake.wilson @danielmangum @cshumway10 @tbryson @bryan @gene.click @slstravels @lorizen @donstanley7189 @nicole @dab @christylargent @gfox58 @PickleballGladiator @Wuzup @KKAW07 @tennisdpm @moepelz @M.pyle @smcshinsky @Rhonda @Maritido @karinasaunders11 @Kogacola @Dusty45 @In2Pickle @ward.spacecase @Swirth4 @cote.cade @Thomas.morton @JoshMDiaz @DrJohn @Tonyjayfit @Theycallmelime @daniel84doman @Scouter6 @Angusleecw @Tennisgurubrad @Dshawn95

And we’ve already had 18 more folks who’ve joined us, since yesterday morning!

Please help spread the word!


So awesome way to work it. :metal::facepunch:

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Welcome all! We are stronger together. :muscle: :muscle:

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This is just the beginning. It will be great as we continue working together to get through this.


I like the way you work it, no diggity! This time next year, you will have built the largest pickleball forum out there. woour


Thanks for the throwback @SirPaul :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll respond to your post with my sentiment in GIF form…


… we can truly move pickleball to a new level!

Thanks for grabbing your hammer and banging this out, with me! fistbump