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runningman pickleball-runningman


I was born and raised in Orem Utah.

Our fam is good. Just trying to survive the craziness that is our world right now. Trying to embrace the quarantine and make it fun but truthfully my wife is much better at that than I am. However, it has really made for some cool moments and experiences being cooped up together. We like most have had to get creative as we have kids form 9 years old all the way to 6 months old.

Really excited to get the out door pickleball season in full swing again. The ever changing weather in the spring in Utah makes it difficult to predict when we will be able to play as I am one that likes to get out at 5:30AM and get some good hours in before the work day starts.

Love the workout that pickleball gives me, love the competitiveness, but most of all I LOVE the friendships that are created in this great sport.

Coolest Pickleball moment was when I hit an ATP from way back and out. I saw the shot and thought, why not… and it worked out.

I want to win a tournament and level-up.

Thanks for creating such a cool space to come and talk Pickleball. You are the man. Excited to meet more of you on and off the Pickleball Court!


Let me be the first to vouch and say that this ATP @cjandy21 speaks of was quite possibly the most incredible ATP I’ve ever seen. (And I watch a LOOOOT of pro pickleball live streams!!) Pretty sure @kathmck22 also witnessed that incredible play.

Chris, you should be sure to join us here in the #elevate forums this week where (if we’re lucky) @PickleballPhil is going to lead out on some exciting pickleball #challenges to keep us active and getting us ready to get back out for our 5:30am game! Can’t wait!


Welcome Chris! I’m sad I wasn’t able to witness this incredible ATP, those seem to be the most rewarding shots to hit (at least for me). @tylerloong might argue that the Ernie is better :wink:


I always love seeing a good ATP! Please describe this amazing shot!


Welcome! I love a good ATP or ernie good stuff. I’m amber welcome to this fun place :metal::wink: we all love pickleball here.


Blake here. Pickleball addict for sure. I credit pickleball with helping me start to get back in shape. I played for the first time almost 2 years ago on a family vacation in St George and 2 years later and 100 lbs lighter I’m really starting to love this game.

When I’m not pickling I’m a full time recruiter and part time cooking educator and home chef. I love the Utah Jazz and the Philadelphia Eagles and I know almost everything there is to know about the teenage mutant ninja turtles.

My pickleball goals are to play as much as possible and meet more like minded fun players.

My pickleball dream is to play a tournament with a friend or my wife.

Keep pickling my friends!


Ted, here. This summer will be my 7th year playing. Still trying to perfect and or learn different strokes and shots. 4.5 level and hanging on to it barely. Looks like another month of lock down. Took a long drive today to get out of the house and interacted with just one other human.


@cjandy21 needs to give us the play by play of his epic ATP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:wave: Hi @tbryson , and thanks for joining the pickleFAM here! I sure wish I found pickleball 7 years ago! I just picked it up last year. You can read my whole novel… i mean story, over here Pickleball made a huge dent in my life… Here’s the story Hopefully I can join you in the 4.5 ranks, this year :crossed_fingers:

Nice to meet you as well @blake.wilson! You’re in good company here fistbump

Ninja Turtles, eh?! I’m not a diehard but did find an vintage Rocksteady action figure from my childhood which I just bequeathed to my kiddos. And they love it!!

100 lbs?!! That’s amazing. It makes is a little easier to stick with with a weight loss workout is as fun as pickleball. That the big problem with working and general “exercise” to lose weight. If it’s not your thing, then it’s reeeeally hard to stick with. But pickleball… you can play for hours and 2,000 calories later still want to keep playing! We played for almost 8 straight hours on my birthday, before all the lockdowns started happening. #bestdayofmylife :heart_eyes:

You work at Pluralsight?! Awesome. I know a handful of great folks over there!

We’re going to start some fun fitness challenges over in the #elevate forum so be sure to head over there and hit the bell icon and subscribe so you know when we get started!


@jordan that rocksteady is legit! Looking forward to elevating and seeing all the great things the site has to offer. What an awesome way to bring people together.


Hey. I’m here for all the sick trix. :metal:t3:


Oh there will be plenty of those here!

But in the meantime, you can enjoy this original from Eddie & @Webby



Hey all! I am Stan and I started playing pickleball about a year ago because the Spanish Fork city built courts by my house. So I decided to give it a try. Now I am hooked like the rest of you. I like working hard to level up my game and get better all the time. I am always searching for more information on how to improve my skills and become a better player. Thanks for letting me be part of your group.


Hi! Kat here! I Just started playing the sport last summer! I’m definitely addicted! The best part of this sport is that I have made so many awesome friends!


Hi everybody! I’m Mario Barrientos straight out of Santiago, Chile! I’m currently living in Provo, Utah and attending BYU. I started playing November 2019 and I definitely love this game.


Hello from BC Canada, missing Pickleball but doing some yoga and going on walks to keep moving. I’m into this Pickleball thing for a couple years, really like working on it and seeing the improvement with coaching sessions.

I’m involved with Pickleball Canada and will be taking over their social media platforms soon so join me at the links below as I bring some new life there. I’m also looking for Fun Pickleball material, graphics, sayings, video links, and all things Pickleball so please send me ideas and I might be able to use them on our online pages. And if you do graphics I would love to hear from you as I can give credit and provide a link to your work if we use them. Email me at rhondastoner@shaw.ca

Twitter ———> @pickleballCA
Facebook ———> https://www.facebook.com/PickleballCA/


Welcome to the fam Blake!

Do any of the TMNT have middle names? Genuinely curious lol

Hey @tbryson! :wave: Glad you’re here!

7 years?! That’s awesome! I need to work on getting out of the house more during all of this too, distanced of course.


Welcome @smcshinsky @kathmck22 @Maritido @Rhonda!!! It’s so great to see so many new faces here!

Pickleball is so great! I tend to get REALLY bored with things when I don’t feel like I have room to grow and get better so Pickleball has been a massive ray of light in my life. It’s so much fun to see other grow and progress as well! Can’t wait to hear more from you :muscle:t3: