Pickleballist is officially live! Let's goooooo!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step, right?

Well, Pickleballist finally launched yesterday, on March 29th, which was my one-year anniversary of the day that I first picked up a pickleball paddle! #bestyearever

It’s taken me ten months to launch this “one single step” but I sure hope it will be a valuable asset to help pickleball players around the world to more easily connect, and to grow the game! I wrote a post a few days ago which more clearly outlines what Pickleballist is all about. If you’re like me and want to truly understand the big picture here, please check out this other post: What is Pickleballist?

I wanted to kick off the week with a few announcements…

First off, we send our love to all those who are or have family/loved ones that have been affected by COVID-19. This is a beast. Hopefully, we can fight off this thing soon!

This week might be a little longer than usual, so fair warning! PS… feel free, at any time, to start your own new topic, here in the #pickleball-discussions category.

Announcement 1:

To kick off the Pickleballist launch, we are doing 7 Days of Pickleball Giveaways, on our Instagram account so be sure to check it out over at https://instagram.com/pickleballist

Announcement 2:

Now that we are live and out of the beta period, I encourage every Pickleballist to take a moment to :wave: Introduce yourself… or just say “Hello!” to the rest of the community! (just tap/click that link!)

Annoucement 3:

HUGE thanks to all those who joined the beta and have contributed to some engaging pickleball discussions. YOU are truly the pillars that sustain a project as big as this! Specifically big props to the following pickleball community contributors:

Next, I wanted to give a warm welcome all the folks who have joined the community during the beta:

@dylanhigg @Landon @fanningowen @kimc767 @PickleballVoyager @tylerloong @thezone.tv @kiwigirl75 @bret.bucher @caden @jamiejdayton @asktiffnow @betterpickleball @bwilliams @cjandy21 @lornareid @joshparry73 @Brandon_White @pickleballlove5 @seth @deedavison @Webby @THE_red_beard @johnmontanacarp @gizmopickleball @renauda12 @jimmy.miller @casey.clancey @dbridgeclark @maninajo @adamyoung @suzeeanderson13 @kathmck22

Announcement 4:

If you haven’t had a chance to share your story, please take a moment to share with the community how you found pickleball… or how it found you! :stuck_out_tongue:

By searching for the tag #pickleball-stories you can see a list of all the other stories that have been shared, and click the + New Topic button to add your own!

#protip of the day:

When you visit the Pickleball Stories page you are viewing a page filtering all community posts that us the #pickleball-stories tag. You can follow tags that interest you (or any community content, for that matter) by clicking the little bell icon. Then you can choose your notification level according to the descriptions provided! Subscribe away!

That’s it for now. Feel free to reply with any questions or comments.

Onward and upward!


Heck yes @Jordan!! So happy to finally see your new baby being introduced to the rest of the world! It’s been a long time coming and I’m so very excited to see where this goes!


This is really cool. It’s been cool getting to see what this site can do and see the vision for what it will be.


7 Days of Pickleball Giveaways starts tomorrow!!! We’ve got pickleball paddles, balls, and even video reviews from some of our favorite pickleball pros!

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