What is Pickleballist?

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Pickleballist is a free pickleball forum and community hub that connects and supports pickleball players, pros, and vendors from around the world! Learn more at pickleballist.com

This post provides a detailed explanation of our objective as an organization and what we are doing to help grow the sport of pickleball. Our concerted efforts will directly impact the growth and maturity of this great sport. As a community, we are defining pickleball!

This is YOUR community. Own it!

Thank you :raised_hands: for joining Pickleballist, and contributing to something bigger than any ONE of us.
Working together, we have the power to influence and define the future of pickleball.

Let us all adopt this maxim... (click to expand/collapse)

Here are a few unique points outlining the value offered in this pickleball community (OPERA):

  1. Organization - Categories, Tags, Threaded Replies, Powerful Search
  2. Progress - Discussion Progress Memory, Crowdsourcing New Knowledge & Data
  3. Engagement - Gamification, Achievement Badges, Quoting, & Customizable Notifications
  4. Recognition - Spotlight Value Offered by Players, Pros, and Vendors, Make Heroes of Others
  5. Access - Free FOR everyone FOR ever. Public forums optimized for indexing by Google

icons8-third-eye-symbol-50 Pickleballist Vision:

Empower players, pros, and vendors to connect and collaborate to help collectively ignite and accelerate the growth of pickleball towards and beyond its recognition as a major global sport.

There are a lot of people, doing a lot of great things to help grow pickleball. Our objective is to draw attention to these efforts by using this platform where we can curate and organize the troves of valuable digital pickleball content, in this centralized pickleball hub. We want to make it easier for newcomers to find great content, resources, education, products, etc. that will help them gain a greater love for the game, and join our initiative to grow pickleball.

Pickleballist-Mission Pickleballist Mission:

Provide online forums, tools, and resources that help players, pros, and partners to achieve their goals, while building and strengthening the global pickleball community.

This community is a place for members to:

  1. Obtain and share knowledge
  2. Expand their network and influence
  3. Frequently visit and engage in a variety of timely and relevant content.
  4. Collaborate with other members to help grow pickleball

Pickleballist-Values Pickleballist Values:

  • We are pickleball evangelists!
  • We have a passion for pickleball and love sharing it with others.
  • We embrace new players as we build a vast network of community members at all skill levels, from 1.0 beginners to 5.5+ professionals.
  • We help members work with locales and governments to get buy-in from local citizens, build more public courts, and create a more close sense of community
  • We are establishing the culture of pickleball. We are defining pickleball!

As a community, each of us has a say in what our values should be! Please reply below to engage in a discussion of our values and what we can add here. What do you think defines us as Pickleballists?!


Appreciate this initiative and its inclusiveness. On board with the values of the community and will do what we can to help the community strengthen itself and, in so doing, pickleball. Tony Roig. In2Pickle.


I love what you are doing for the pickleball world, @In2Pickle!

More than anything, I’m glad to have people like you that can help curate and organize the great content all over the internet by making it more accessible, in a centralized pickleball hub.

We can do incredible things when we all put our heads together and work to make more high-quality pickleball content better organized and available to the masses!

There’s so many great discussions taking place in hundreds of small, siloed Facebook groups. Imagine if all that organic knowledge, experience, and value was available and indexed by Google… how much further along we’d be! We’ll get there! Thanks for helping to crowdsource the progress of pickleball in this grassroots project!