COVID 19-Day Fitness Challenge - Get fit & win great prizes!

Here is the link to day one. DAY 01 of the COVID 19-Day Pickleball Fitness Challenge

Hey, pickleball world! Over the last few weeks, I have been struggling with not having pickleball due to COVID-19 restrictions! What about you?

So my buddy @jordan (who built this pickleball hub) and I have been working together to develop a challenge that can unite us as a pickleball community, while most of us are forced to be apart and off the courts.

Challenge Logistics:

What? A 19-day Fitness Challenge ➞ 19-minutes, each day!
When? Starting on Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 (but feel free to follow the challenge once it’s over (on May 17th.)
Where? Your home, a garage, a park, or wherever you have enough room to do the drills/exercises
How? View the #elevate forum daily, to find the challenge. Take a video or photo of you during or after the 19-minute routine. Post your video to your social media channels and then be sure to come back here to the daily thread to CHECK-IN, with a link to your pic/video.
Giveaways? Absolutely! We’ll be raffling off a bunch of paddles to those who complete the challenge by checking in EVERY DAY, during the challenge. So don’t miss a day!

One of the things that I am passionate about is the concept of progression and sacrificing what you want now for becoming something better, in the future. Four years ago I started on a journey to progress in the sport of pickleball. I started out as a 3.0 and have progressed to 5.0, in that time, by implementing and living the principles of progression.

One of the principles I believe is that you can’t share what you don’t have. One of the things I have is knowledge of how to implement progression. While we are bogged down by a world that feels like it’s stopped I want to do a 19-day challenge to get us moving and implementing progression. I would love to have anyone join in on this with me! But before we get started, here’s a little background about me…

I am an Occupational Therapist that specializes in Neuro-based rehabilitation. I specialize in the rehabilitation and creating habits for Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke and Spinal cord injuries.

I have a certification that taught me how to break skills down and how to teach a brain how to progress and take charge of its own rehabilitation.

I have applied these principles to my own life and believe that it is possible to become what you want to become by taking small steps at a time that are focused and purposeful.

After much practice, and training individuals to relearn basic life skills, I have learned how to set goals and turn positive behaviors into habits that allow an individual to become something better than they were at the beginning.

Certainly, if it is possible to help individuals who have to start over from zero, get back to living through building good habits, then surely we can help each other become more fit and improve our pickleball game through the same strategy.

There are two major factors (not the only ones) that I believe in. The first important factor, when it comes to becoming someone/something new is to have accountability to those around you. I want to be that person, alongside any others in this great community, who have that same desire. The second factor is to focus on one small thing at a time and to work on that one thing no matter what else is going on.

This challenge is not about the drill or exercise you are doing, as much as it is about evaluating your morning or day and experimenting where you can put daily work towards your pickleball goals. The morning is a great time where most people can make slight adaptations to their sleep habits.

At the end of this 19-day challenge, you will have a greater understanding of what habits you have in the morning, and during the day, and where you can add to the habits to become a better YOU!

Also, it is important to note that you can start this 19-day challenge ANY time. If you see this a year from now you can start and we will be here for you.

Please share this with your friends, so we can hold each other accountable progressing together!

Also, who doesn’t want to WIN PRIZES?!? (We have lots to give!)
Participate each day and you’ll be eligible to win paddles, balls, and clothes from our great sponsors!

Make sure you tune in on Sunday, April 26th in order to start the challenge!!

What I commit to doing for you:

As your host, I will be here every day over the next 19 days to

  1. give you encouragement and support and encourage you to do the same for one another
  2. help you evaluate your morning routine through various social platforms
  3. present a new fitness challenge that will relate to pickleball in one way or another
  4. introduce professional pickleball player’s, and their daily challenges

What I expect from you:

  1. You commit to 19 minutes/day for 19 straight days. Say it… I COMMIT!
    Think about it, 19 minutes is 1% of your day. Just give yourself that to put towards pickleball and over time you will see change.

Each day we will present:

  1. WHAT are we doing.
  2. WHY it works.
  3. HOW it relates to pickleball.
  4. PRO: Outline & Demonstration
  5. YOU: Report back each day after completing the challenge!

Respond to this topic and use your favorite GIF or phrase to let me know you’re committed to this challenge!

Also be sure to follow me here on the forums: @pickleballphil and on Instagram and Facebook



Yes!! Love it @Landon! If it’s just you then you get some awesome prizes!!!


Hey Phil, that is a COOL idea! Will be FUN!


Thanks @Lucore! I’m excited about it! Should be something fun to unite the Pickleball world, as well as get some exercise! Gotta lose that covid 20!



Ok I’m in. Just joined this pickleballlist thingy. I hope I can find my way back! :laughing:. I need some accountability to workout smarter and more consistently.






oh yeah surprise GIF (GIF Image)


Hey Phil I love this!!! I am a workout junkie so I’m always looking for new ways to workout and others to do it with! Coincidentally I’ll be finishing up my own workout challenge on Sunday- so I’ll get to double workout on Sunday and have something new to start, yay!! :tada: Thanks for putting this together and I can’t wait :smile:image


Game face right there :joy::+1:t2:



Happy Sunday, everyone!

I know you were all dying to wake up and start this fitness challenge, but it turns out there’s a ton of work to orchestrate something like this, and we’re not quite ready! :stuck_out_tongue:

But… we do have something for you…

Something you can share, and help us spread the word about this exciting challenge.

While most of you were sound asleep, I’ve been plugging away, through the night, to get the landing page for our fitness challenge, ready to go!

Do you want to see who will be instructing us over this next week?

Not only will we have our gracious host, the portrayer of progress himself, Mr. @PickleballPhil… but we will also have a handful of incredible pickleball pros to teach us some of their favorite drills and exercises.

The best part is that we can all feel a little more connected… since that sweet spot in our life has been taken away.

You can check out the website for this event by visiting:

As you will see, we are pushing the launch of the fitness challenge to Wednesday, April 29th.

Fun fact… The public launch for Pickleballist was on March 29th! We’ve come a long way in a month!!! (because YOU are here. Thank you :pray:)

See you in a few days!!!


Looking forward to this! Excited to contribute


This makes me happy because I may or may not have forgotten to come check for the workout yesterday :grimacing:


I am pumped to get this going. I’m glad that we can stay #pickleballstrong together.

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Hey Jordan and @PickleballPhil, love that you have prizes for others :slight_smile: Can I offer up two of my autographed, priceless books for the cause? History of Pickleball - More Than 50 Years of Fun!

Let me know, and I can, of course, ship them when you have a WINNER!!


@Lucore you are awesome!! We would love to give that away as well! @jordan what do you say?