Day 05 - COVID 19-day Pickleball Fitness Challenge with Jonny Pickleball

This workout really got my heart rate up. Wow! And by my 5th set of pushups I thought my arms were going to give out. Great workout! Thanks!


@Jmcshinsky and @smcshinsky
Short sets but intense.


good workout!! If you think I look tired in This picture that’s cause I was!! Did day five just now. And gonna do the day six one this evening.


Thanks for the great workout @Jonny_Pickleball! I really like the upper body portion you added in there!

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Day 5 was great! Thanks again. Nice to have variety every day in both the training and the trainer. Thanks to all who participated. Still too cold to play in NE Ohio…hoping for some warmer weather and less wind tomorrow. Love this!