Day 05 - COVID 19-day Pickleball Fitness Challenge with Jonny Pickleball

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Your Instructor:
Jonny Pickleball - @Jonny_Pickleball


Detailed instructional outline by @PickleballPhil

For those of you where Sunday is a day of rest and you choose to not exercise, please plan on doing Jonny’s workout on Monday in addition to Monday’s challenge. I will be doing that and know that Monday morning I will be dying!!

Wow have we been able to really be blessed so far from these individuals who have taken their fitness and their games to the top level. When I was talking about this with Jordan I don’t know if I thought it would be this beneficial for me…and here we are on Day 5 and I am LOVING it! I love seeing what these players have done for their game and their fitness!
Remember that as you are doing this pay attention to when you are doing it. Be consistent and make it happen during a routine that you already have built into your day!

1. What are we doing

Setting aside ANOTHER 19 minutes to complete ANOTHER awesome challenge! We do this in order to grow together as a community and build habits that are going to keep us moving forward towards our ultimate goals! We are so blessed to have Jonny Pickleball instructing us today in what I would say is going to be the most difficult challenge yet regarding cardio. This is HIIT to the max. Also, my calves are going to be burning!

2. Why it works

HIIT training is very common in the world of exercise. I love HIIT and prefer it because I like to focus for a short amount of time, then get a quick rest and go back at it. Jump roping is really hard for me and the more I see these players utilize it, the more I am planning on making it a part of my workout schedule.

3. How it relates to pickleball

Pickleball is known for its low impact on the body and the slow paced when compared to tennis. So why do we need to have increased cardio!? For me, the higher up in skill you go, the more you have to have cardio. Those long points where you are running all over the place trying to get the ball back require your lungs to be in tip top shape. I love jump roping and what It can do for your explosiveness and how difficult it can be. Another reason for this awesome drill is endurance. Those long tournament days where you are playing upwards to 10 matches in a day (opportunity bracket) you need to have endurance to keep yourself from getting tired too quickly. I think this is going to be another one of my favorite drills to do when I want to work on my cardio.

4. Outline & Demonstration


  1. Box jump - Jump rope for 1-minute straight
  2. Pushups - 30 seconds (as many as you can do)
  3. Squats - 30 seconds (as many as you can do)
  4. Jump roping - 30 seconds (as quickly as you can)

Activity Modifications:

  1. run in place, soft jump on the grass or carpet, squats
  2. leaning against the counter pushups
  3. sit to stand from a chair
  4. same as 1 **

5. Go & Do - Return & Report

Review how this fits in your day, ALWAYS! Sometimes it takes multiple times of your routine to find out what you are willing to do consistently. Now, reply to this post and put your proof you completed the challenge! This is a GREAT video challenge for all of us to do that will help us improve our lives and ultimately work together towards a greater goal!

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Like I said on the top of the post, I am checking in here today and I am SO EXCITED about this particular exercise. This is going to kick my butt. I am going to do this one tomorrow along with tomorrow’s challenge. I am excited to see how everyone did this!


@Jonny_Pickleball what a great circuit of exercises. I have not jump roped that much in years. loved adding in that upper body work to continue to build on the previous workouts so far! Lets get after Pickleballist community :muscle:


Just checking in… I am also going to do day 5 along with day 6 tomorrow. Just from looking at Jonny Pickleball’s workout I know my calves are going to get another great workout, since they already did with Tyler’s workout yesterday.


Day 5 completed. My jump roping got worse as the time went on but is getting better each day. I’ve never been so thankful for the Jump Rope For Heart ropes my kids have from school. I think I need to invest in a longer one.


I liked today because I could easily make equivalent modifications to reach the goal. I knew the push ups would be a challenge for me because, frankly, my arms are weak. I tried the traditional push up method because I wanted to keep up with my fellow competitor Kolby aka KKAW07, but that didn’t quite work out for me too well. :grinning: So then I tried push ups from my knees, and actually surprised myself with some success. I’m going to add these to my daily routine to try to help strengthen my arms and shoulders. Thanks Jonny Pickleball!


I finished day 5 just now. Ready for a hot bath now. They were tough for me. I hate exercising especially alone. Did my day 4 this am. So done done done til we meet tomorrow.


I am doing the same thing as you. I will add this to tomorrows! I actually went and bought an inexpensive jump rope to use on these challenges!


I was thinking about getting a jump rope too.


Our Walmart had them for $3.89 :slight_smile:


This is how it ended…with me lying in my living room exhausted. Amazing workout @Jonny_Pickleball. Appreciated the pushups thrown in there for working my upper body too.


@Jonny_Pickleball I have to say this is one of my new favorite workouts. Today for the first time I was jump roping and thought, I really like this! It’s getting easier the more I do it! I am excited to put this into my workouts moving forward. I don’t know about you guys, but I am LOVING all these ideas and am so excited for a place where I can come back and get reminders of different drills that I can do it improve my own game! I was so tired after this 19 minutes!


Man I haven’t done push up in ages. Thanks for this.


You’re crushing it!!


Great set today! I liked that you could finish a set in 2 1/2 minutes. It made it easier to do another one and then another one! Thanks Johnny Pickleball


I choose not to workout on Sunday based on my religious beliefs I knew for today’s I was going to be doing double the workout! That’s why I have a love hate relationship with Monday’s!!! Keep it going!


Yeah the first few times I did this my calves definitely felt the pain lol. It gets easier for sure, and just a great way to work on everything just a little bit at a time. Enjoy!!!

Absolutely my pleasure. I’m glad you’re able to use the modifications to your advantage so that you’re not overdoing it at first. I like to tell people Don’t rush to failure!!! In pickleball we are using our own weight, momentum, etc., so the main reason I enjoy this so much is because you are doing the exact same by using your own weight and having to rely solely on yourself to complete the circuit.


Day late, but finished it after the bike ride. :slightly_smiling_face: