Day 07 - COVID 19-day Pickleball Fitness Challenge with Corrine Carr

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Your Instructor:
Corrine Carr - @Corrine


Detailed instructional outline by @PickleballPhil

Visualization and the footwork that was part of Dayne Gingrich’s Day 06 was awesome! I loved having those activities I could do on the court and then try and visualize someone who I was playing against. My favorite part was all the pickleball players showing up to the court and giving me crazy looks swinging at nothing, but I loved imagining my opponents and doing a one two attack with the lateral movement and split step! I then tried it tonight and I got a point off a one two attack. I am going to implement that skill frequently.

1. What are we doing

Setting aside ANOTHER 19 minutes to complete ANOTHER awesome challenge! We do this in order to grow together as a community and build habits that are going to keep us moving forward towards our ultimate goals! Today we get to have Corrine Carr giving us some awesome drills to work on our core and balance. I don’t think I am flexible enough for number one, but I’m excited about the challenge!

2. Why it works

Remember your brain is hardwired to function within routine and habits. Try to do your drills at the same time in your routine! Corrine’s challenge is low impact for the majority of her exercises. I am excited about these because the majority of the activities have been cardio driven! These particular exercises are working on our gluts and quads. I love the strengthening exercises that don’t require us to have weights.

3. How it relates to pickleball

Lateral movement happens all the time in pickleball. Corrine teaches us how to use our bodies to increase our balance on each leg, then increasing our gluteal and lateral leg muscles. These low impact exercises are great for helping us increase our strength and improve our lateral movement on the courts.

4. Outline & Demonstration


  1. (1 min) Airplane -bringing leg back straight and make airplaine position and then drive up the knee.
  2. (1 min) Side lunges
  3. (1 min) Drop squats
  4. (30 sec/side) Plank walk each side
  5. (1 min) Zig Zag lateral shuffle to sprint

Activity Modifications:

(Special thanks to @betterpickleball for providing these alternate exercises for those in need - see her post for a video illustrating these modifications!)

  1. Airplane ➞ Use a chair, broom, something to help you balance
  2. Lateral or Side Lunge (0:00 timestamp in CJ’s video) ➞ Starfish
  3. Drop Squat (1:00 timestamp timestamp in CJ’s video) ➞ Kettlebell swing
  4. Plank Walk (1:30 timestamp timestamp in CJ’s video)
    ➞ Hold on the elbows with feet close together
    ➞ Hold on the elbows with fit shoulder width apart
    ➞ Hold on the elbows with knees on the ground
  5. Side Shuffle-Move at your own pace

5. Go & Do - Return & Report

Review how this fits in your day, ALWAYS! Sometimes it takes multiple times of your routine to find out what you are willing to do consistently. Now, reply to this post and put your proof you completed the challenge! This is a GREAT video challenge for all of us to do that will help us improve our lives and ultimately work together towards a greater goal!

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This is a fantastic workout! In case you need a modification here are a couple of suggestions.

Time Stamps
Side Lunge 0
Drop Squats 1:00
Planks 1:30


So @Corrine thank you for kicking my butt today. It was for sure an intense workout and now I know how you stay so consistent at the kitchen!


Thanks for this. It took me a bit to get my balance on those airplane ones.


@Corrine thanks for the variety on this work out. Those drop squats were killer. Definitely looking forward to doing more of those to improve endurance at kitchen line.


Way to go Joe, Luke and Kolby! I woke up later this morning because I stayed up later! I love the commitment and the support! This particular workout was awesome! I too found out my balance wasn’t as good as I thought it one on one leg. Funny enough, my right side had the most difficulty! I added split stepping into my zig zag drill and visualization at the kitchen line. I really liked visualizing! Thank you @Corrine for the awesome challenge! I just have to say how amazing it has been to see these pros come support us and help us all improve! It’s taken my mind off the fact that we don’t have tournaments, but we have the community! that’s what I love most about pickleball, the community! This was my first time adding music, so the shoutout to Corrine isn’t coming through, but I gave @Corrine a shoutout!


I believe I can fly!



I loved this workout! This is definitely one I will keep in my rotation. The airplanes were my favorite. I really need to work on my balance. Thank you Corrine


I’m happy you like the airplanes! They’re harder than they look! :sweat_smile:


Great way to strengthen and also work out the soreness in my legs, these challenges in combination with my normal routine has gotten my legs tired and sore! Keep them comin!


Thank you @Corrine! And thank you for not having jump ropes in yours today. :slight_smile:
I instruct a low impact aerobics class and a total body workout class on Tues/Thurs (from home right now). so was able to incorporate your exercises into my routine. I always do a balance at the end of the L.I.A so I did your airplane, loved it! Then did the side lunges, and drop squat (modified to come up on my toes instead of jump), and was already doing planks on the ball for my Total body class, so did that instead of the plank walk. It was raining here today so I went to my church gym, where I did my 2 mile walk, and did your side shuffle drill in between the walk. I loved that they fit into my routine today!


Mayday! My :airplane: looks like it needs some help. I’m not flexible. Thank you for the workout. :thinking: I think I need to work on those and plank walkers.
I enjoyed it!


Love that you were able to work this into your regular workout!!! :blush::muscle:


oh man, I always forget how brutal planks are until I have to do them. I swear time stops :joy:

Thanks for the workout @Corrine!


Great workout today! Little bit of legs, core, and arms!


Thank you Corrine for a great Day 07. This old airplane experienced a bit of turbulence but I’m going to keep practicing these, I liked them.They are definitely harder than they look. I modified the squats and plank walking a bit. Thank you CJ @betterpickleball for including your video of suggested modifications.


Jump squats are killer!


Planks are brutal but so good for you!!! I agree, it feels like time stops :joy:


Late night exercise. Feels good to end the day like this. @smcshinsky @Jmcshinsky