Day 19 - COVID 19-day Pickleball Fitness Challenge with Jennifer Lucore

Good job Kristin! :slight_smile:

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Hey Sandy, I am so glad you both liked it. Yes, I find it very challenging and never get tired of it. So many shot options always. Have fun!`

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Happy Birthday, Joe! I hope you had an enjoyable day.

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Did this workout this morning with Phil joe and Tiffany. Forgot to get a picture but here’s a random photo from my phone. :grin:


I witnessed Hyrum doing this workout (I was on the court next to his). :grinning: Also forgot to get a picture of this one, but have Hyrum, Phil and Tiffany as witnesses that I did it. Day 19 :white_check_mark: Thanks @Lucore for the great and fun game, will keep using this for drilling my ability to get up to the line quickly.


That was a fun variation of skinny singles. @Jmcshinsky and @smcshinsky


As Hyrum mentioned, we did this drilling game at the courts this morning, but forgot to take a picture. Phil and Joe played on the court next to us, so they are our witnesses. Here is a picture of me when I got home after playing pickleball for an additional 2 1/2 hours. Thanks @Lucore for the great drilling game.

A HUGE shout out @jordan and @PickleballPhil for this awesome 19 day challenge! Thanks for sacrificing so much time to give us this opportunity to improve. I haven’t heard anyone getting any prizes yet… when does that happen? :grinning:


I was able to do this drill Monday morning. It was great. Puts pressure to make that first third. Thanks so much.


This is an awesome drill I will do again and again! Thanks Jennifer


Sounds good birthday boy! Yes, this drill is great to do always, and ya gotta love keeping score :slight_smile:

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Yes Luke, you are exactly right in that it really puts the pressure on, just like a real game scenario.

Crystal, you’ll be like me, doing it again and again and again - each time perfecting your shot selection and movement. Have fun!

Just wanted to share that I added more to the BEST DRILL ever :slight_smile: Here you will find more how-to details and comments from players who are new to this. ENJOY!

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