Encore! - COVID 19-day Pickleball Fitness Challenge with Philip Lamoreaux

Final day - COVID 19-day Pickleball Fitness Challenge with Philip Lamoreaux

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Encore Instructor:
Phil Lamoreaux - @PickleballPhil


Detailed instructional outline by @PickleballPhil

1. What did we learn?

We did it! what an awesome 19 days of focusing on our skill development and becoming more fit! I don’t know about you, but I grew in my knowledge about different kinds of exercises and had a paradigm shift regarding how I view training for pickleball. I used to only play pickleball and then do a little bit of cross-training. Occasionally I would go out front and set up cones and do agility drills. What I learned through this 19 day challenge is:

  1. If I want to get to the next level, it will require commitment in agility, strength, balance, and visualization strategies on a weekly basis.
  2. I can live without playing just pickleball on a daily basis. I have created a new time to play. instead of playing from 5-7am, or 6-8am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I play from 5:30-7:00am, or 6:30-8:30am. The other half hour that I usually spent playing will be dedicated to these new drills and ones like them moving forward.
  3. We can do so many things in the comfort of our own home and don’t have to live where it is sunny all the time in order to become more fit (although living in St. George, Ut has been nice).
  4. When we are a group with one purpose we can support one another with accomplishing our goals.
  5. This was more for me than any of you. I took so much away from this challenge. This challenge was meant to help others, but in turn changed me moving forward.
  6. The pros main goals are to help progress this sport moving forward. When @jordan and I began this fun journey it started with the question, “what if we could get a top pro?” So…we asked. What we got in return was so much bigger than we even thought it could be! So many being willing to help. I swear, only in pickleball.
  7. The elevate part of pickleballist is perfect for creating accountability posts. If I want to accomplish something I have a place with people who will be my accountability partners.

2. What do we do now?

Luckily for us, some of the pros who have joined us during the last 19 days have graciously committed to one more day with us, which happens to be TODAY! At the end of this post you will see a bonus set of exercises and drills from some of the awesome pros who were willing to give us a little bit more of their time to help us get one more day of exercises in. A big thank you to @cathparenteau1994, @Lucy.Kovalova.pb, @suzeeanderson13, @Megcharity, and a surprise drill from Tanner Vann who is recovering from tearing his rotator cuff muscles and his labrum on his hitting arm. I’ve been able to play with tanner and his technique while playing is amazing!

3. Now that the extra day is over, what do we do?

Find some time to sit down and evaluate when you did your exercises in your day. Did you find a time during your routine that you could continue to do challenges on a daily basis? Here is the outline that I plan to follow and would love to continue to be supported by the community in doing these and share them with you.

1. Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 30 minutes of a daily challenge. I want to mix and match the drills we have learned and build them into my day

2. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - Visualization 15 minutes, core strengthening 15 minutes

I plan to post the drills I do on a different thread in the Elevate tab. I will start with doing the extra drills that we have been given today and plan to keep it up and report back to you. I will video doing them on my instagram stories https://www.instagram.com/pickleballphil/

4. What are you going to do?

So, what are you going to do? Please leave in the chat below What are you going to do to apply the knowledge you have gained.



  1. Spider pushups - @PickleballPhil
  2. Burpees with pushup and jump (I think because it’s our last day, lets get this!) 60 seconds @Lucy.Kovalova.pb
  3. Quick two feet jump forward and backwards (advanced do it single leg for set 2, and 3) 60 seconds or 20 seconds each foot @cathparenteau1994
  4. Pushup leg raise twist 60 seconds - @Megcharity
  5. Pyramid footwork drill with paddle, Shadow 90 seconds each Tanner Vann
  6. Curtsey lunge with an oblique crunch 10 each side @Corrine
  7. Transversus Abdominus exercise 1 minute @suzeeanderson13


  1. Knees on the ground, hands on weights for wrist issues
  2. slow down the speed, no jump, don’t stand up, but raise your hands over your head.
  3. slow down, alternate feet instead of jumping.
  4. regular pushups, lay on side and bring leg back behind you for 30 seconds and then switch to lay on other side.
  5. Don’t cross feet, slow down and don’t run backwards.
  6. step behind the other foot and balance then bring elbow towards hip
  7. no need to alter this one. It is PERFECT for ALL AGES

I am a specialist when it comes to evaluating your day and helping you create habits. Message me if you had difficulty and would like me to help you learn how to build habits in more detail. https://www.instagram.com/pickleballphil/

5. Go & Do - Return & Report

Review how this fits in your day, ALWAYS! Sometimes it takes multiple times of your routine to find out what you are willing to do consistently. Now, reply to this post and explain how you you have changed during this 19 day challenge I know I have and plan to continue.

Reply below to “post how you have changed” yellow arrow down

@PickleballPhil I’ll be knocking this out later today but I wanted to say thank you for putting this together! It has helped me get consistent with my workouts and I plan on keeping it going and actually repeating the 19 days followed by creating something similar to your schedule! Hope everyone had as much fun as I did!


I have to say the mirror imaging was CRAZY hard!! Thank you guys for the awesome final day of new drills!!


Thanks for outing this on @PickleballPhil and @jordan we had fun doing all these exercises. The pros are really amazing and very athletic.


Day 20 :white_check_mark:. I don’t have another adult at home for the shadow drill. I will try that later. I tried my best to keep up with @Lucy.Kovalova.pb challenge of 22 burpees in a minute. I was only able to do 20 (almost 21).


Also did this one this morning (as well as the Day 19 challenge). I wasn’t able to get a picture, but I did this one with Phil, Tiffany and Hyrum. This was a crazy one and was awesome to have all these short videos from all the different pros. Thanks all!

Also, a very special thanks to @PickleballPhil and @jordan for putting this COVID19 challenge together for us! It has been really great and I have already started to see some improvement in my endurance and can see how these exercises will help elevate my game.

I plan to add these exercises (focused on core in the beginning as this is where I am currently the weakest) to the days that I don’t play pickleball (Tues, Thurs and Sat). I also plan to add in some quick cardio (jump rope, spilt-step drills and other lateral drills) on the days that I do play pickelball (Mon, Wed and Fri). I will focus on some form of “return and reporting” on Tues, Thurs and Sat.


First of all, thank you to @jordan and @PickleballPhil for creating and organizing this awesome challenge. Thank you to all the pickleball pros who took time out of their lives to share some of what helps make them so great. Thank you to the other participants who made this challenge more fun to participate in.
This challenge was just what I needed at the right time. Just prior to the stay at home orders, I played some of the best pickleball of my life. I haven’t been able to play since then. I’m always looking for ways to improve my pickleball game in an at home setting.
As for what I will do from here, my pickleball play is feast or famine. I am blessed to be a stay at home Mom. When my girls are out of school pickleball takes a backseat. I don’t get to play but on occasion from May to August. I’m always looking for ways to stay at a competitive level while not being able to play.
Three days prior to this challenge I started P90x3. I have been completing both programs at the same time. From here I will continue to complete P90x3 and do some walking. When I’m able to play pickleball again I plan to complete one of the 19 day challenge videos in addition to playing and not do a P90x3 video that day. I would love to continue to participate in additional training with any of you in this forum.
I have seen improvements in my strength, posture, and motivation to prioritize my workouts. I also identified some weaknesses which is just as important I think.


Thankfully @PickleballPhil took a picture of Joe and I doing the shadow drill this morning. (And I took the picture for Phil and Hyrum…LOL!) It was nice doing Day 20 challenge with these guys. I really, REALLY appreciate @jordan and @PickleballPhil for putting this challenge together and even a bonus day 20!!! I’m so thankful to all the pros that took time to show us these exercises and drills. I will continue to use them to help me improve my physical ability and my game. I plan on doing 19 minutes of cardio and strength exercises on Mon, Wed, Fri and then the Visualization and Core exercises on Tues, Thurs, Sat. I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s pictures and posts, too. I’ll miss it.


Don’t worry, I got you covered @Joe_Zaleski :smiley:


What a way to finish this challenge off. Great drills today! Thank you to everyone that took the time to share some of your keys to success in this awesome game of pickleball!!


Thank you so much for this challenge, and for the Encore today! I appreciate all the pro’s for giving us ideas on what to incorporate into our routines in order to help us improve. Thank you to @PickleballPhil and @jordan for putting this all together! I teach 2 classes for my Y and have already written in some of the exercises used in the challenge into my programs. I also plan on doing a better job of warming up before I play (as in continuing using the jump rope I bought for this challenge) And using some of the foot work drills into some of my pickleball classes as well. It has all been so helpful! Oh, and the added bonus of meeting new players on here is the icing on the cake!

Thanks to @Corrine for the idea to add the obliques to the curtsey lunge!


I did this drill this morning with Phil Tiffany and Joe. Great time. Great workout. Want to say thank you guys for your time in putting all this stuff together. As I’ve been doing these drills I’ve actually noticed that my knees and my lower back bother me a little less. Which both knees have been bugging me for about 8 months and my lower back started bugging me about a month ago. Think I just tweaked it. But I’m thinking I’ll put a lot of these workouts into a weekly routine and I hope to see my knees not bother me at all and my lower back back to normal as well, eventually!


Thanks Tiffany! @asktiffnow

@K_Norris I am going to be creating videos of different workouts that I am planning on doing each day. I am going to do footwork and leg drills/exercises Monday/Wednesday/Friday and the. Visualization and core/upper extremity on Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday. If you have Instagram you can follow me doing them on the stories and I will post some sessions I do on here.


Man burpees always kick my butt. I have no idea why my socks don’t match.

Thanks so much to @PickleballPhil and @jordan for organizing all of this. I had a great time. I plan to take a lot of these exercises and make up my own routines.


Thank you @PickleballPhil and @jordan for coordinating the COVID-19 Fitness Challenge. You put together an impressive array of pros as well as exercises. And thank you CJ @betterpickleball for supporting me(us) by posting daily modifications to some very difficult exercises. I stumbled upon this challenge while looking for some exercises to do after Ohio issued its ‘Stay Home Order’. Prior, I had only been playing pickleball and had not been doing any other exercises so I wasn’t very strong or “in shape”. And honestly, after Day 02, I was ready to drop out. But I always taught my daughter that if you find an obstacle in your way, then find a way around it. So I started to Google equivalent modifications. Then after only a few days, you began a daily collaboration with CJ who provided a path for success for me. I am very thankful to you for making those accomodations. Even after just 19 days, I feel that my balance, flexibility, endurance and strength have improved and I’m grateful. Many in my 60+ age group only play and don’t do any additonal exercises. As a result, many preventable injuries and falls occur. I’ve kept a small journal of these exercises and will keep it in my pickleball bag and invite my pals to join me while we’re waiting to play. And I’ll make them a part of a routine as Phil suggests. Also it was fun to follow my fellow participants over the last 3 weeks. I hope to get a chance to meet them on a pickleball court someday!.


I know I mentioned it this morning, but thank you @PickleballPhil and @jordan for putting this together. Now as far as the bonus day it was a good one. thank you @cathparenteau1994 @Lucy.Kovalova.pb @suzeeanderson13 @Megcharity and Tanner Vann today and the previous days were awesome! Curious George was my workout partner this evening, but he got to be lazy :wink:.


Awesome job everyone!! :heart_eyes: