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No One Wants to Miss A Pickleball Game Because They’re Injured.

Everyone likes to tell you pickleball is easy on the body but is that true? Most people play on a concrete surface for hours, without taking time to warm up or cool down. What could go wrong? LOL! @tennisdpm Dr. Allan Rosenthal, DPM, is going to help you devise strategies to avoid foot and leg injuries before they start.

What do you do to avoid pickleball injuries?

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@tennisdpm I’ve always been grateful for your OTC suggestions on plantar fasciitis in our last video. I know that you’ll be discussing the lower leg and I can’t wait to find out how to loosen up these tight calves!

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If anyone has questions, say on proper way to treat ankle sprains , or tendinitis, or blisters, or what is a stress fracture before seeing a sports podiatrist. Please let us know.