What Do You Study?

For the past year I have been listening to podcasts, audio books, and reading anything I can to work on my mental game. I want to be progressing in this sport physically and mentally. I wan to be the best athlete I can and it is important for me to get my head in the right place.

Here is a list of what I have been consuming. Not all of this has been pickleball related but I feel it helps me be creative as well as sport focused. Just more well rounded.


  • Pickleball Kitchen - Barrett Kincheloe :star:
  • Pickleball Problems - Mark Renneson
  • Pickleball Guru - Prem Carnot
  • Increase Your Impact - Justin Su’a :star:
  • More or Less Pickleball - Morgan Evans - Just found this

Audio Books:

  • Born to Win by Zig Ziglar
  • Range by David Epstein :star:
  • Moneyball by Michael Lewis
  • The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle :star:
  • The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle
  • Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson
  • The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J Stanley
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear :star2:
  • Relentless by Tim S Grover :star2: :star2:
  • Mindset by Carol S Dweck - soon
  • Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow - Soon

Paper books:

  • The Inner Game of Tennis by W Timothy Gallwey :star:
  • The Mind Gym by Gary Mack - soon
  • Winning Ugly: Mental warfare in tennis by Brad Gilbert - soon
  • 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class by Steve Siebold - Soon


Quarantine Seminars:

What have I missed?
What would you recommend?

What things have you been reading and doing to get a better mental edge?


Thank you for the S/O, Stan! I replied via email. Hope you received. We’re going to be offering a TON more for you on Mental Game.


Great resources!
You have one of my favorites on your list 177 Mental Toughness secrets. I’ve been reading that book for years!

Oldies but goodies----Golf is a Game of Confidence and Golf is not a Game of Perfect. Bob Rotella was one of the first to talk about his work with pro golfers. Back in the mid 90’s he used to come to our local PGA meetings and do day-long workshops.

A newer book is How Bad Do You Want it by Matthew Fitzgerald. It’s about the psychobiological model of endurance sport performance

Lastly one the Better Pickleball Community members suggested the book Hockey Tough. I just bought it today.

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I heard on a podcast that you really liked that book and that is why it is on my list.


One thing that I’ve done to heighten my mental game is to study a foreign language. I decided to tackle Spanish because my daughters are part of an immersion program at school and I wanted to be able to communicate with them better, but then I found that a course in Hawaiian. This has provided me with a mentally challenging situation where I am restructuring the elasticity of my brain. Doing something like this allows me to feel more equipped to process all other aspects of life differently, including Pickleball!


One thing I have added to this list is the incredibly amazing Dynamite Doubles course by @Hellesparre I really feel like this is helping me play this game like chess. Instead of just reacting to balls I now have a game plan. It is teaching me to think several shots ahead and give reasons behind each of the shots. The hardest part of this course is that there is really so much to learn and then incorporate it to my game. No one has really explained to me more then basic strategy and shot selection, this helps me to dig deep into someone else’s experience and expertise at my pace. I am starting to see the court and player positions as a whole and not just my side and your side, but as a team. I would very highly recommend this course.

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Hello Stan, I like your lists :slight_smile: and so cool you are digging in and soaking up all pickleball has to offer. Feel free to browse my blog at www.allpickleball.com a hobby I’ve been doing for years.

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I had no idea there were so many resources out there! thanks for sharing adding all the podcasts now!

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