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Do you focus on the mental game of pickleball?

It’s easy to stay in our comfort zone but that’s not where most people find success. How do you push yourself beyond safe and create a new belief system?

@Dayne is a Mental Performance Coach. He works with athletes at all levels to help guide them out of comfort and increase their level of success by redefining personal expectations, improving self-confidence, and helping design new, winning habits.

What challenges and successes have you encountered when you’ve tried to push beyond your comfort zone?

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I’m looking forward to joining CJ LIVE next Tuesday to discuss the power of belief. The mental game is a powerful tool with many opportunities to improve your game. Who’s ready to take a deeper dive into Mindset?


@PickleballPhil is a great example of having a good MINDSET!

I responded to a great post he put up, over here: Embrace the suck!

I love that when I take control of my mindset, I can reconnect with true happiness… and joy. It’s always there… on the other side of effort and the natural barrage of negative thoughts that always try to bring me down!

Looking forward to learn more ツ


@Dayne I’ve heard so many good things about your mindset and would love to know more about how to hear what you’ve already said, as well as what is Happening on Tuesday. Any info you can share with us here on pickleballist?


Thank you! I’m super excited to be joining CJ Johnson LIVE this Tuesday, the 28th, 7pm EST (link is above on her post). There will be great value that comes from our convo.

I regularly post on FB (@daynegingrich), IG (@dayne_gingrich), and feel free to stop by

The ‘mental game’ is a skill set that (like all skills) needs to be prescribed, regularly. CJ and I are going to take a deeper dive into the topic. Hope you join us LIVE.


BTW, if anyone has a specific question or topic that they’d like to see @Dayne cover in the Livestream feel free to add it on this thread.