What are you doing to keep busy? #COVID-19quarantine

Continuing the discussion from My pickleball story Tuttle:

@atuttletuttle thanks for sharing your story with your picklefam, here! You’re such an impressive person, Amber! On the court and in real life. I hope your story and your example will continue to inspire and motivate others :pray:

I’m absolutely convinced that there is a significant dopamine release that happens with each hit and rally of a pickleball game. I agree with @SirPaul… “It’s Science!” I can’t wait until some Masters or PhD student does a dissertation on this very topic and sheds some light on why pickleblal is so addicting!

Never in my life have I encountered ANYTHING that makes me so hungry for more. I’ve always loved sports, but my passion for pickleball is inexplicable. I just can’t describe it. There’s definitely more than meets the eye with this very basic and simple sport. How could something so rudimentary be so compelling?! So engaging?! So addicting?!

I’m just grateful that I can justify this crazy addiction. I’m nurturing my physical body and the need to stay active and fit, as well as investing time with others… encouraging them, supporting them, and helping them reach their goals (while I’m also working to accomplish mine!)

This “stay at home” life is the norm for me so I don’t feel much different than usual. The only thing I used to leave the house for was to play pickleball 2-3 times/wk. I’m def missing that now.

@atuttletuttle, @SirPaul, @Talyn and @Landon… or anyone else…

What are you doing to keep yourself busy, if not hitting up the pickleball courts?



Aw thank you so much you have always been so kind. I set up my net in my living room today and I used a small skilz ball to practice staying at the kitchen line not stepping back to take dinks out of the air or step in the kitchen for short dinks practicing paddle up and shoulders up. I had my awesome 13 year old to help me. I’ve also been organizing my house and homeschooling. I have drilling set up in my garage also for a little warmer days.


Basically just sitting here thinking about playing pickleball honestly…

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this is an amazing idea. I’m ordering a net now so I can get this set up haha. My wife is gonna loooooove me :wink:

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Haha so true I can’t wait to play not sure how much longer I can go :grimacing::flushed:


Dang girl!! You’ve got quite the system!! I’m totes jumping on the bandwagon. My net arrives tomorrow. I was going to buy that 10’ portable Vulcan net which @tylerloong is selling right now but when I saw @atuttletuttle’s pic I realized I should prob just get full size and roll it!

I should be getting my full size Vulcan net, tomorrow! :tada:

Im not familiar with that ball you’re taking about though, Amber :man_shrugging:

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It’s a small little skilz ball yellow and black you can get them at big 5 I think or dicks


I had the exact same thought when deciding if I wanted the smaller net or the regular size lol!

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I might have just decided to get both :shushing_face:

I found this “SKLZ Limited-Flight Practice Impact Golf Balls” - is that the same thing, @atuttletuttle?

I’d love to see the drills you do with this. We can’t post videos here but if you uploaded one to FB or Youtube they would embed here nicely!

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I’m pretty sure mine didn’t say golf though so make sure they aren’t hard and are soft for inside I think those are it other then that fact. Also I’d get a regular net you can use it for everything I just rolled mine for inside you can make it work it’s pretty easy. I’ll try and send you some drill videos on fb Talyn are we fb friends?


I’m not positive, but I’ll check and if we’re not I’ll add you :slight_smile:


I wish I could say that I was finding things to keep busy because that usually means I’m about to have some fun. However, these last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy for me because I work in Healthcare. I’m sorry that I have not posted a proper introduction to myself but I still plan on introducing Landon the Pickleball Visionary Wackadoo (real word look it up).

Given the circumstances let me introduce you to the other version of me, aka Dr. Landon Daly, PharmD.

I am a Pharmacist and I work an independent Long Term Care Pharmacy in Salt Lake City and we fill prescriptions for close to 80 facilities all over Northern Utah. I have worked in pharmacy for 11 years and have been a pharmacist for almost 6 years now. For the last year or so I’ve only been working part-time at the pharmacy but it’s been way more than for the last 3 weeks.

When people ask me why I only work part time as a Pharmacist I like to tell them it’s because my coworkers can only handle me talking about Pickleball for 20hours/week.

Anyway, 3 weeks ago a pharmacist decided to go on vacation and went to New York. When he returned he worked for 2 days straight then called the pharmacy owner the next day to tell him he had a fever… Turns out he tested positive for influenza but not COVID-19. This was a good thing in more than just the sense that he didn’t have coronavirus but also because it helped the pharmacy make a plan and get it going early in the game. We currently have pharmacists that stay home to basically keep themselves uninfected in case everyone else gets infected because our patients cannot get COVID-19. We cannot be the one responsible for coronavirus showing up in any one of our 80+ facilities because these are the most susceptible patients to the virus. You may have heard of the outbreak at Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington. If not they have had 39 deaths in their 190 bed facility… :hushed: :disappointed: Not Good.

Having a pharmacist sit out means their hours need to be filled and in prep for facility isolation we have been trying to send triple the amount of medications to our facilities so if needs be they can lock themselves in and not come out for at least 3 weeks.

Crazy Fact: Since the begining of our pharmacy coronavirus plan we have spent $150,000-$200,000 per weekday on medications from our wholesalers as opposed to the $50,000-$80,000. We have also gone from filling 10,000 prescriptions per week to 30,000 per week. My hours have gone from average 24 hours/week to 48 hours/week.

The bad news:

  • This garbage is real. The numbers and percentages can seem small but in Healthcare we take care or each individual patient and not a percentage of patients. We want the best for EVERYONE and that means not thinking about YOU the young person with no pre-exsisting health conditions but I legitimately fear for the 39 out of 190 and not myself. But you better believe that I take care of myself because of these patients.
  • The worst is yet to come. As a pharmacist I can tell from multiple reliable sources that work in Healthcare and not Popular Media that we do not have a medication sufficient to treat this virus. The vaccine isn’t ready because you can’t rush the natural biological process necessary to create one.
  • Not enough pickleball to satisfy my cravings

The good news:

  • The # of prescriptions we need to fill in a week should go down soon because everyone should have plenty.
  • No one in my pharmacy seems to have the virus and 3 people have actually been tested but none of them have tested positive.
  • My week to sit out is coming soon so hopefully I can chat some pickleball with you all.
  • I get to spend even more time with my favorite people and focus on the aspects of life that are actually important. And if the world learns anything from this I hope they learn what is really important as well.

So I had today (Friday) off. I’m on call from now (Midnight) until 8am when yours truly will open the pharmacy and work until 6:30pm. I’m off Sunday and will be dead tired but will spend what I can get out of me with my kids. Back to work at 6am on Monday. Tuesday I will be home for days! That’s right! Can’t wait to talk pickleball Tuesday!! I’ve got something I need to get out and going soon.

Stay Safe Out There Pickleball Fam!! Ya’ll are awesome!

Dr. Landon Daly, PharmD.

Sorry @jordan for the way long post but :man_shrugging: you asked… :joy: :rofl:


@Landon I’m also in the healthcare field. This stuff is real and I have been seeing the preparations. We aren’t even in the height of the virus here in Utah. It will be important for all of us to practice social distancing so doctors don’t have to choose. Keep up the good work man! You are not alone!


Wow thanks for sharing all that and yes I’ve learned for sure what’s really important I’m grateful I can see that. I for sure want to complain less. I’m blessed beyond. Excited to hear what you have to say this coming week. Take care Landon you are pretty awesome.

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First, Landon, that’s really interesting insight. Thanks for all the work you’re doing!

Second, without pickleball to keep myself busy, I’ve realized how my life used to be before pickleball … busy. With everyone home, there’s always things going on and things to do. Can’t wait until life gets back to normal and I spend more time on the courts than doing dishes and making meals!


I live in the Bay Area, CA but I’m currently visiting Canada which is where I’m from. Came in late February before all this craziness started.

I was able to visit a bit with friends and family before lockdown started. Currently reconnecting with Mom at home. It’s just her and I and it’s been nice. My childhood home feels like a palace compared to the much smaller places I’ve been living in in California the last 20 years.

I’m also spending lots of time editing video for PrimeTime Pickleball as well as working on a big project that we expect to launch later this year. Stay tuned for that…



I have been watching a lot of pickleball videos, reading, and going on walks with the kids. The videos I find really helpful are ones like the drill-at-home videos that Simone Jardim posted. Simple exercises and drills that can help improve your game. I think I will continue to do some of these even after all of this is over.

This is the first of what might be a 10 part series at the rate this is going. She is up to 4 now.